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Daily childcare care

from 7:00 to 18:15

What your child needs

We offer much more than "just" childcare. We offer loving care in a child-friendly and family atmosphere.

Our team is committed to the development of each child and encourages the little ones to discover their world with joy and curiosity.

We attach great importance to the excellent qualifications of our team - both in the basic training as "specialist childcare", as well as in the continuous personal development of all employees through the acquisition of recognized additional qualifications in the field of child education and upbringing.


  • Varied and healthy meals that we prepare ourselves from fresh and, if possible, seasonal ingredients.

  • Regular exercise activities (exercise and dance) outdoors and in kindergarten. 

  • Creative activities: drawing and painting, singing and music

  • Activities to strengthen self-confidence, confidence in self-efficacy and social skills

Everyday in contact with nature

Short walks , complete day excursions or weekly in the forest 

Parks around, the zoo, the farm, and the forest are experienced with all senses. Because nature is the most wonderful experience and discovery space. A regular stay in nature promotes child development in a special way. Above all, sensory perception, motor skills, creativity, and imagination are stimulated and trained.

Our online tips and activities

Online for you

Our support to Villa Märliwald families includes activities that you can do at home with your child, as well as tips from our community. Any activity with children in Basel and surroundings you want to tell others about? Do you recommend a Babysitter or have a great creative idea?   Bring us your contribution, and add value to our community

Topics of interest for parents

Our knowledge at your service

  • Children first aid training

  • Support in childcare-related topics (e.g. request for financial support from the educational department)

  • Children pedagogical reports and  parent talks scheduled or on-demand

  • Tips for activities with children in Basel 

  • List of important addresses for families with small children

Online application & forms

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