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Severine Coelho
Center Manager 
Pedagogical Manager

"When children are still small, take care of their roots.

Give them wings when they are big!"

To accompany children carefully on their way in what they do, experience and learn is one of the most beautiful things for me. They inspire me, they show me in their natural way to be spontaneous and curious about life. 

Children have accompanied me in my professional life for over 20 years and I am a mother of 2 growing children myself. In my free time I love to spend time in nature with my family. I enjoy cultivating and caring for my own garden. Watching how a seed grows into a flower or how the leaves change color in autumn always makes me amaze at the beauty of nature. Therefore, it is also close to my heart to let the children have many experiences in nature, because I am sure that it has a lasting effect on the children's development.

The team of Villa Märliwald is characterized by a solid cohesion. They help each other with the various tasks and activities and appreciate the harmonious and positive working atmosphere.

We consider our team to be the most valuable resource of the daycare center. The satisfaction of our employees is especially important to us, so we pay attention to exciting work content, a healthy work-life balance and a good working atmosphere. 

For our team, the most important thing is to be able to care for the well-being of the children in a family environment.

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